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“If Nepal doesn’t bring a smile to your face every single day, you’re a lost cause.”

-Jack Witts


They say Heaven is a Myth while Nepal is Real. Nepal, a small landlocked country situated between two big giants, India and China, is a world in itself. A land of extreme diversities, Nepal is the  land of the highest peak Mount Everest,  the deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki, the highest Lake Tilicho, the tallest grassland, Chitwan and the highest valley, Arun Valley. It is the only country in the world with an altitude variation that ranges from 70  meters to 8848 meters.  Some of the world’s highest human habitat exists in the mountainous region of Nepal.


Photo Credit : Max Kruse

Nepal is not just a naturally rich country. It is also a country of cultural and historical significance. Nepal is home to people of multicultural background. Nepal is a secular kingdom with majority of the people following Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal is also the birth place of Lord Buddha and Goddess Sita, making it a very sacred place for both Buddhists and Hindus. Nepal has more than 80 ethnic groups with each having their own culture, traditions and languages. Nepal has 123 mother tongue languages spoken in the country. Nepal has the only living Goddess in the world called Kumari. In addition, Nepal has the densest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Kathmandu valley alone having 7 World Heritage Cultural Sites within a radius of 15 kms.


Photo Credit: Raimond Klavins

The natural beauty, the rich culture and the diverse geographical features attract an overwhelming number of tourists to Nepal every year. During the year 2016 itself, Nepal has been nominated as the best travel destination in the world by National Geographic and Rough Guides. Nepal is also world wide famous for adventure tourism and sports which includes trekking to the high Himalayas, cannoning, paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping , kayaking , mountain biking and many more.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Bredehoft

Fascinating Nepal is a platform dedicated to highlighting Nepal’s unique culture and natural beauty. The main aim of the page is the promote internal as well as international tourism in the country and provide authentic information about various aspects of Nepal. The information can be particularly valuable to people living outside Nepal , who want to visit Nepal but have little information about the country.

We have also developed our own tools which include the Nepali Calendar, Date converter, Unicode to Font Converter, Nepali numbers to words converter which can be helpful in performing day to day official as well as personal tasks. We also have informative articles on Nepal and its elements showcased in our blog fascinatingnepal.com/blog/.

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